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IP Series Image
Whether you have a corner coffee shop or a large chain of stores, our paper hot cups, lids, sleeves and carriers are designed to meet your needs.
ecotainer™ hot cup is part of a revolutionary new line of foodservice packaging that provides a more environmentally sensitive alternative to traditional disposables. Sourced
from fully renewable resources, these cups use a corn-based plastic as a moisture barrier rather than a petro-chemical plastic. This new PLA-based coating also makes the cup compostable in municipal and commercial composting facilities. Combined with a smaller manufacturing energy requirement, the
ectotainer™ hot cup reduces our environmental impact while providing all the functionality of a standard cup.
Our standard line of paper hot cups provides an attractive and sturdy vehicle for all of your hot beverages. Several styles of lids are available to keep beverages at serving temperature and minimize spills. Add a Cup Buddy™ in kraft or white and a carrier to complete your hot
beverage packaging needs.

8 oz. ecotainer food Container


12 oz. ecotainer food Container

Eatware Series Image
Resources & Raw Material:
Made from bamboo fiber, sugar cane and other agricultural byproducts, regenerate fast, being abundant in nature and yet renewable. Products contain no genetically modified material, totally chemical free and non – toxic, no bleaching process made. Has a natural plant aroma
Usage Performance:
Oil Resistant Can withstand 95 deg C hot cup for a minimum of 30 minutes
Microwave safe - you can put in a household 750 watt microwave in a full power for at least 5 minutes
You can put in a 250deg C oven for 30 minutes without losing its physical strength
You can put in a steamer for an hour without losing its physical strength.
You can put in a refrigerator for 7 days and in a freezer for 3 months
Eatware complies with the ISO 22000 (Combined ISO 9001 Quality
Management System Certifications, ISO 14001 Environmental
Management System Certifications and Food Safety Management
System Certifications HACCP).
Eatware products meet FDA, HKEPD HS standards, China GB standards, US Green Seal Standards, European biodegradability and
compostability EN13432 standards, and the Canadian Consumer Packaging and Labeling Act C-38.

6 inch Plate


7 inch Plate

Ecoserver Image
Resources & Raw Material:
All nature agricultural fiber from Wheat Straw through scientific and technological processing
Non-genetically modified Non-Toxic, no pesticide residues

Usage Performance:
Freezer friendly down to -13 F (-25 C)
Water and Oil resistance
Good insulation: maintain hot/cold foods at desirable temperatures
Acid resistance: no discoloration, distortion and leakage
Sturdy and rigid: accommodate even the heaviest food
Stain, cut and grease resistance
Fold resistance: hinged-lid container without appreciable damage

1-1999 GB18006 of China and adopted American FDA,European SGS
Japan MHW (healthy department) and testing standards of other international health agency

6 inch Plate, ripple rim


7 inch Plate, ripple rim

Ecoserver Cups (ECUP) Image
Resources & Raw Material:
Made from renewable resources forest fiber procured in accordance with SFI (Sustainable Forestry) standards and recycled fiber; sustainable wood fiber and corn
Made from fully renewable resources PLA (poly lactic acid) which is
corn starch Manufactured with a corn-based plastic lining – Ingeo ® PLA
Usage Performance:
Eco-cups and bowls are not advisable for microwave heating.
Hot Cups can also be used for Cold Beverages.
Certified by the Biodegradable Plastics Institute (BPI)
Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC)
Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)
Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI®)
ISO 14001 environmental management systems
European OK compost

4 oz. PLA hot cup


7 oz. PLA hot cup

Eco-server Cutlery Image
Resources & Raw Material:
Poly Lactic Acid (PLA), widely known as 100% biodegradable
material, is derived from renewable plant resource - CORN
PSM is a polymer that is derived from the natural source of corn starch combined with several other biodegradable materials.
Corn starch, a renewable resource, is the major raw material of PSM
where the supply is abundant and the cost is low
Usage Performance:
PLA Cutlery - Heat Resistant: Up to 85°C or 185°F
PSM Cutlery - Heat Resistant: Up to 105°C or 220 F
Compost certified material. All PLA products are 100% biodegradable.
Meet ASTM D6400 and EN13432 Standard for the Compostability.
FDA Test Report OK COMPOST (VINÇOTTE) Certification

PLA Spoon
PLA Spoon, HeatResistant Up to 85°C


PLA Fork
PLA Fork, Heat Resistant Up to 85°C

Ecoserver Pen Image
Introducing our greenest choice for pens and pencils. Barrel made from recycled paper, biodegradable plastic plunger, TC ball with high quality which match perfectly with wooden or PLA clip, your choice! Moreover you can custom imprint on this smooth writing pen that reeks your eco-logical awareness and good karma.
Our eco-pens come in two categories based on their source material and what they are made from as follow: EPTT which are mainly made from paper barrel, PLA corn and in some cases wooden clips and EPND are from kraft paper and recycled

kraft paper ball penD9.5*138mm


kraft paper,PLA clip D9.5*143mm

Ecoserver Stone Paper Image
Amazing how stone could possibly be made of fibers, and since fibers typically come from trees and plants to make cloth or paper. In this case, fiber is used to describe the amazing substance and toughness of Stone Paper natural stone paper- one of the smartest technologies to hit the planet in recent years. Explore the world of
Stone Paper, natural stone paper to find out what a gem it has become in helping to save our forests, oceans, and our planet.
Stone Papers are:
100% tree-free, can be recycled
No water consumption and chemical bleaching
Degradable in 6 months when continuously exposed to sunlight
No hazardous waste
Strong and tear resistant - perfect for books, carry bags and uses, where strength is an advantage.

Won't crack or white line on folds - suitable for maps and brochures.
Waterproof - great for maps, outdoor displays, golf score cards, envelopes etc.
Durable under low temperatures - excellent for freezer food packaging.
Moth and insect proof.
Food grade - for food storage and packaging.

It is estimated that the production of 1 ton of Stone Paper means:
• Low carbon emission
• 7480 gallons of fresh water saved
• Reduction of CO2 release
• 19.05 Kg water borne waste not produced
• 107.05 Kg atmospheric emissions eliminated
• 6 million BTU's energy not consumed

Figures provided by Environmental Defense

Bag made from stone paper


Folder made from stone paper

Ecoserver Clear Cups and Containers Image
Resources & Raw Material:
Natural materials, non-toxic, high permeability, PLA products are approved by U.S. FDA and can be directly contacted with food. Made from corn, an annually renewable resource, PLA is a plasticlike resin that is fully biodegradable
Usage Performance:
Unsusceptible to flavor or odor transfer Freezable (to -10° F), do not microwave
Has a heat tolerance of up to 110 degrees (F).
Excellent oxygen barrier for fresher food - Oxygen, which affects foods’ color, texture, taste, etc., is transmitted more slowly
Complete product visibility Smooth rolled rims
Leak resistant snap-fit lid with easy application and removal
Shrink band compatible
Printable surface
Large, flat and un-interrupted labeling space for outstanding
branding opportunities
ASTM D6400-99 North American of standards
DIN laboratory , EN13432 EU of standards
ISO14855 International standards
GB/T 19277
Switzerland TESTEX laboratory Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Textile
international environmental standards
Switzerland SGS laboratory ASTM D792-00,D1238-04,D638-
D6604-00,D256-06,D955-00 (Physical properties, processing
parameters, component analysis report)

1oz PLA Clear Cup


4oz PLA Clear Cup