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Eatware Series

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Resources & Raw Material:
Made from bamboo fiber, sugar cane and other agricultural byproducts, regenerate fast, being abundant in nature and yet renewable. Products contain no genetically modified material, totally chemical free and non – toxic, no bleaching process made. Has a natural plant aroma
Usage Performance:
Oil Resistant Can withstand 95 deg C hot cup for a minimum of 30 minutes
Microwave safe - you can put in a household 750 watt microwave in a full power for at least 5 minutes
You can put in a 250deg C oven for 30 minutes without losing its physical strength
You can put in a steamer for an hour without losing its physical strength.
You can put in a refrigerator for 7 days and in a freezer for 3 months
Eatware complies with the ISO 22000 (Combined ISO 9001 Quality
Management System Certifications, ISO 14001 Environmental
Management System Certifications and Food Safety Management
System Certifications HACCP).
Eatware products meet FDA, HKEPD HS standards, China GB standards, US Green Seal Standards, European biodegradability and
compostability EN13432 standards, and the Canadian Consumer Packaging and Labeling Act C-38.
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