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Ecoserver Clear Cups and Containers

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Resources & Raw Material:
Natural materials, non-toxic, high permeability, PLA products are approved by U.S. FDA and can be directly contacted with food. Made from corn, an annually renewable resource, PLA is a plasticlike resin that is fully biodegradable
Usage Performance:
Unsusceptible to flavor or odor transfer Freezable (to -10° F), do not microwave
Has a heat tolerance of up to 110 degrees (F).
Excellent oxygen barrier for fresher food - Oxygen, which affects foods’ color, texture, taste, etc., is transmitted more slowly
Complete product visibility Smooth rolled rims
Leak resistant snap-fit lid with easy application and removal
Shrink band compatible
Printable surface
Large, flat and un-interrupted labeling space for outstanding
branding opportunities
ASTM D6400-99 North American of standards
DIN laboratory , EN13432 EU of standards
ISO14855 International standards
GB/T 19277
Switzerland TESTEX laboratory Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Textile
international environmental standards
Switzerland SGS laboratory ASTM D792-00,D1238-04,D638-
D6604-00,D256-06,D955-00 (Physical properties, processing
parameters, component analysis report)
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