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Ecoserver Stone Paper

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Amazing how stone could possibly be made of fibers, and since fibers typically come from trees and plants to make cloth or paper. In this case, fiber is used to describe the amazing substance and toughness of Stone Paper natural stone paper- one of the smartest technologies to hit the planet in recent years. Explore the world of
Stone Paper, natural stone paper to find out what a gem it has become in helping to save our forests, oceans, and our planet.
Stone Papers are:
100% tree-free, can be recycled
No water consumption and chemical bleaching
Degradable in 6 months when continuously exposed to sunlight
No hazardous waste
Strong and tear resistant - perfect for books, carry bags and uses, where strength is an advantage.

Won't crack or white line on folds - suitable for maps and brochures.
Waterproof - great for maps, outdoor displays, golf score cards, envelopes etc.
Durable under low temperatures - excellent for freezer food packaging.
Moth and insect proof.
Food grade - for food storage and packaging.

It is estimated that the production of 1 ton of Stone Paper means:
• Low carbon emission
• 7480 gallons of fresh water saved
• Reduction of CO2 release
• 19.05 Kg water borne waste not produced
• 107.05 Kg atmospheric emissions eliminated
• 6 million BTU's energy not consumed

Figures provided by Environmental Defense
Ecoserver Stone Paper

Bag made from stone paper


Folder made from stone paper


CD case
CD case made from stone paper


Pen case
Pen case made from stone paper