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PLA Drinking Straw

PLA Drinking Straw Image
Our PLA resin is OK Compost certified material. All of our PLA products are commercial compostable. They meet ASTM D6400 and EN13432 Standard for the Compostability. After use, they will be degraded into carbon dioxide and water by microorganisms in the soil, and do no harm to our environment. PLA is considered to be the best compostable material to replace plastic in many fields.
PLA Drinking Straw

PLA Flexible StrawsWhite (L=21CM), OnlyFor Use Below 45 °Cor 110F


PLA Flexible Strawscolored (L=21CM)OnlyFor Use Below 45 °Cor 110F


PLA Straight StrawsWhite (L=21CM), OnlyFor Use Below 45 °Cor 110F


PLA Straight Strawscolored (L=21CM),Only For Use Below 45°C or 110F