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PSM Cutlery

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PSM is a polymer that is derived from the natural source of corn starch. Plastarch Material (PSM) is a biodegradable, thermoplastic resin. It is composed of starch combined with several other biodegradable materials. The starch is modified in order to obtain heat-resistant properties, making PSM one of few bioplastics capable of withstanding high temperatures.
Corn starch, a renewable resource, is the major raw material of PSM where the supply is abundant and the cost is low

Heat Resistant: Up to 105°C or 220°F
A unique and revolutionary ecological material that is degraded into harmless substances such as water and carbon dioxide.
A genuine environmental-friendly product from manufacturing to post-use disposal.
No wastewater, effluent gas or waste residual discharged throughout the manufacturing process
Excellent product performance properties with water-proof, oil-proof, high melting point, which is superior to those similar products in the domestic market.
PSM Cutlery

PSM Spork, HeatResistant Up to 105°Cor 220 F


PSM Spoon, Heat Resistant Up to 105°C or 220 F


PSM Fork, Heat Resistant Up to 105°C or 220 F


PSM Knife, Heat Resistant Up to 105°C or 220 F


PSM cutlery kit (Knife,Fork, Spoon)


PSM cutlery kit (Knife,Fork, Spoon, Napkin)


PSM cutlery kit (Knife,Fork, Spoon, Napkin,Salt, Pepper)