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Whether you have a corner coffee shop or a large chain of stores, our paper hot cups, lids, sleeves and carriers are designed to meet your needs.
ecotainer™ hot cup is part of a revolutionary new line of foodservice packaging that provides a more environmentally sensitive alternative to traditional disposables. Sourced
from fully renewable resources, these cups use a corn-based plastic as a moisture barrier rather than a petro-chemical plastic. This new PLA-based coating also makes the cup compostable in municipal and commercial composting facilities. Combined with a smaller manufacturing energy requirement, the
ectotainer™ hot cup reduces our environmental impact while providing all the functionality of a standard cup.
Our standard line of paper hot cups provides an attractive and sturdy vehicle for all of your hot beverages. Several styles of lids are available to keep beverages at serving temperature and minimize spills. Add a Cup Buddy™ in kraft or white and a carrier to complete your hot
beverage packaging needs.
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