Gulf Green Pack harnesses state-of-the-art technology to develop biodegradable and compostable alternatives to petrochemical based plastics and polystyrene.

From carrier bags to cling film, cutlery to cups, medical trays to plant pots, we’re at the front line in the crucial crusade against non-degradable plastics.


In today’s world of brand marketing, the package has emerged as a fundamental communication tool for product identity and image. We approach every market segment as a business within our business, and are experts in the individual nuances and unique requirements of each one.


With a dedicated staff of designers, our Graphics organization utilizes a collaborative approach to solving your graphic needs. Our world-class manufacturing sites and strategically located warehouses ensure reliable domestic and international distribution. 


Gulf Green Pack provides award-winning packaging solutions that enhance the brand marketing of many leading manufacturers of consumer products. Our Creative Services department monitors many aspects of a project before it goes to press, saving the customer money and time when launching new products.