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Greetings everyone,


Another month came and passed and by us.

December being the last month of the year is the ending chapter and a prelude to new shifts and changes and already many of us have started preparing our selves for the New Year. Just as everyone else around the globe we are also planning our goals and plotting our New Year resolution ahead of time.

On the side we are also planning to enrich the content of our online Newsletter and therefore we would like to ask you to help us with your feedbacks and inputs so that we can make it more informative and also customized as per your needs and requests or concerns.


Thanks and wishing you a GREEN 2010.


- Gulf Green Pack Sustainability Team


Green Pack Product Info Sheet

IP Series ecotainer - hot and cold cups

The ecotainer packaging is a new product line that provides an environmentally sensitive alternative to traditional foodservice disposables.

Made from renewable resources, sustainable wood fibber and corn, ecotainer packaging reduces environmental impact while providing all the functionality of traditional packaging.

The technology used in the ecotainer compostable coffee cups is a corn-based polylactic acid resin, which is modified to create a new material that can be applied to paperboard to create a water-resistant barrier. This new material replaces the petrochemical plastic used in standard cups today.

The fibre used to produce the ecotainer compostable coffee cups meets Sustainable Forestry Initiative standards. The ecotainer compostable coffee cup will decompose within 180 days if disposed of in an industrial compost facility.

The IP series compostable products from Gulf Green Pack features are:

  • Made from fully renewable resources
  • Requires less energy to produce than standard paper hot cups
  • Manufactured with a corn-based plasticlining
  • Common lid set for hot cup sizes 10 oz. – 20 oz.
  • Matching ecotainer cup buddy made from Kraft 100% recycled/ 60% post-consumer fiber
  • Provides your customer with an opportunity to positively impact the environment
  • Certified by the Biodegradable Products Institute

*For more information on the IP Series product line variety and size visit:

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