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The Green Movement

Imagine supporting the environment; not only conserves the fragile ecosystems of the planet, but also provides for a better future for the generations to come! §Imagine living sustainably, following a model that utilizes our natural resources in a more efficient, conservative, and innovative way!

Awareness of how one is directly and indirectly affecting the environment, be it through consumerism, transportation, or other modes, makes it possible to make smarter, sustainable decisions – This is what we call the Green Movement.

Green Plan for the Food Service Industry

Why is it that green now looks good on everything?

First, many supporters say, going green simply is the "right thing to do." It is a responsible approach with potential benefits for consumers, employees and business as well as Mother Nature. One-third of consumers agree or strongly agree with the statement, "Living a ‘green’ lifestyle is important to me and my family."

According to a study, 34 percent of landfill waste is composted organic material and 33 percent is paper. Thus, 67 percent of total landfill waste can be easily composted and diverted.

The Goal Is To Reduce The Quantity and Toxicity of Trash...

Don't Be Behind The Curve, The Time Is Now - for you to get involved and begin to define your
goals. Learn what it means to be a green foodservice consumer. At Gulf Green Pack, we want to assist
you achieve successes with these initiatives by providing cost effective foodservice and waste

Thank you and have a GREEN day.

- Gulf Green Pack


Green Pack Library

Biodegradable Plates - Replace Your Plastic, Styrofoam, & Tree-based Paper Plates Today!

100% Biodegradable and Compostable Sugar Cane Bagasse Composition a sustainable, tree-free all natural material.

Gulf Green Pack, BioSmart sells Earth-friendly plates made from 100% sugarcane bagasse, a sustainable, tree-free all natural material.

They are heavy gauge and built to perform in commercial foodservice applications. Pure bagasse plates have the highest quality and will stand up to most refrigerated, freezing, microwave, heat lamp, and greasy environments. They are also water and oil resistant up to 212° F.

Beware of lesser quality, cheaper biodegradable bowls made from a mixture of bagasse and other materials such as rice, wheat, bamboo, and grass. Those mixed contents will tend to allow for leakage in hot food applications.

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