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Most consumers believe that the container plays a big part in the quality of prepared food. Our food packaging product line is designed to address these emerging trends and promote a positive dining experience. read more
Gulf Green Pack harnesses state-of-the-art technology to develop biodegradable and compostable alternatives to petrochemical based plastics and polystyrene. From carrier bags to cling film, cutlery to cups, medical trays to plant pots, we're at the front line in the crucial crusade against non-degradable plastics. read more
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Stone paper, no more cutting trees
One Material, Many Applications

Stone paper, no more cutting trees

* Updated: December 2011 – Gulf Green Pack Launches eco Paper, a paper made out of stone powder In the era of low-carbon economy, the paper making, printing and the packaging industry are changing accordingly. Here we are honored to introduce our new eco-friendly material. Stone paper is a new line of environment friendly paper made from […]

Stone paper, no more cutting trees

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